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Engaged employees perform better, stay longer and are bigger advocates for your brand and company. Improving your employees’ financial education is one of the most valuable things you can do for them. Giving them skills for life to make them Better with Money helps them plan, live and enjoy life, boosting their engagement and benefiting from your organisation.

Welcome to Better with Money

Your people are your most precious asset and as much as they enjoy being part of your organisation, it’s normally for financial reward. When people are unhappy with their financial position they often feel it’s the fault of their employer, rather than the lack of financial education they receive in school and university or the lack of time they have to plan.

Better with Money provides the knowledge and tools to improve employees’ financial wellbeing, making them happier, confident, more engaged and productive in the workplace and more likely to stay with you for longer.

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How Better with Money courses benefit both you and your employees

  • We provide financial happiness for your people through workshops delivered in the workplace, face to face, or via the web
  • We inspire employees to build their financial future making them happier, less stressed and less likely to leave you
  • We help employees understand their benefits, day to day money and future plans so they can make informed decisions to reduce debt, protect their family and one day retire happily
  • Employees with a healthy financial wellbeing are more productive and engaged in the workplace

If you'd like to give the parents and guardians in your organisation a head start when it comes to teaching their kids about money, look no further and book this starter webinar today. 

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It's #NationalPensionTracingDay on Sunday 31st October. Avoid retirement nightmares and go on your own pension tracing quest with @TracingPension: 

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Freebie alert! 📡 Sign up to our free webinar taking a simplified look at the state pension and how it can be a firm foundation for retirement income:

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Retirees want to look great, eat out more and prioritise Netflix in their retirement plans! All this and more in the Retirement Living Standards update report from the @ThePLSA
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Wondering whether a financial education programme would benefit your people? Try these for free 👇

Monday 8th November, 12.30-1pm  The State Pension Explained

Tuesday 9th November, 10-11am  Fix Your Festive Finances

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