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Ghost Dog

Are You Ghosting Your Future Finances?

As Halloween approaches and ghoulish decorations start to appear in windows and gardens across the nation, it’s the perfect time to ask yourself a bone-chilling question: Are you ghosting your future finances?

Just like those eerie apparitions that haunt your favourite horror stories, neglecting or ignoring your financial future can lead to some frightening consequences and a haunting reality when that future eventually, inevitably, comes knocking.

Picture this: You’re in your 50s or 60s, and retirement is looming on the horizon like a spectre waiting to pounce. Yet, you have failed to give your financial future the attention it deserves. It’s as if you’re hiding from it in the shadows, hoping it won’t catch up with you, or pulling your blankets over your head. But unlike a ghost or ghoul, your financial future doesn’t simply disappear when you switch the light on or morning breaks. It is very real. It’s importance and power grows with every day that passes. Quite simply, if you don’t confront it head-on, it can haunt you for the rest of your life.

The scariest part is that many people will underestimate the amount they will need for a comfortable retirement, leaving them woefully unprepared. Then as retirement edges ever closer, the terrifying thought that their golden years will be a financial nightmare instead of the “happy ever after” they dreamed of, dawns.

To help your employees from avoiding the topic of their finances like it’s a haunted house, call in the experts. No, not Ghostbusters. Better with Money!

Better with Money delivers high quality, tailored, financial education in the workplace in an interesting an accessible way which helps make that learning stick. And in Better with Money’s Improve Your Money Mindset webinar, we aim to provide practical support, tools and tips for people at all stages of life who need to exorcise their financial demons.

With information and guidance to overcome the terror of future planning, Better with Money’s Improve Your Money Mindset webinar will help people look forward to a retirement without any horrifying surprises.

Your financial future needn’t be a haunting tale. With the right knowledge and mindset, it’s possible for it to become a story of prosperity, security, and peace of mind – although Better with Money can’t promise to stop things going bump in the night …. Happy Halloween, and here’s to a financially bright future!

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please get in touch.