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Avoiding Money Horrors

Summer is a distant memory, Halloween is looming near
When children dress as ghosts and ghouls, filling us with (pretend) fear
They will come a ‘trick or treating’ in the hope of hordes of sweets
And our jack-o’-lantern pumpkins will cast spooky shadows across the streets

Some see Halloween as a horrific import from the USA
But you may be shocked to hear what we’re about to say:
Halloween originates from upon these humble shores
Where our Celtic pagan ancestors carved turnips in their scores
And popped inside a candle, to ward off evil sprites
Then celebrated the end of harvest, and marked the lengthening of the nights

But “what” we hear you scream, “has this to do with Better with Money’s brief
of financial education in the workplace, and reducing money grief?”

Well, unlike Halloween, which is only once a year
potential money horrors are always lurking near
Such as wicked fraudsters who use email, phone, and text
To snatch money from good people. Could your employees be next?
Or the credit card user who pays the minimum amount
They’d be petrified if they realised how long it’ll take to clear their account.
And what about employees, who are haunted by their debt?
Do they know where they can get some help? Probably not, and yet…

With Better with Money’s help, your employees can become much more aware
Of the assorted money horrors that are lurking everywhere
We provide financial education in the workplace, in a fun and informative way
To relieve money fears and stresses, which can haunt us every day
Financial wellbeing education can make staff happier and more keen
And helps consign any fear and dread they have to one night…Halloween

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please contact us.