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Better with Money provides independent and confidential “financial wellbeing” sessions to help your people take control of their personal finances to reduce money stress.

The aim of the session is to give people the tools and knowledge to take action around their personal finances. The money coaches can discuss a range of topics such as budgeting, saving, debt, pensions, benefits, protection insurance, home-buying and investing.

Better with Money is totally independent and has no products to sell so you can be assured that the information and guidance they give your people will be unbiased and based on the individual’s circumstances.

Are the sessions confidential?

Yes. None of the information discussed with Better with Money will be shared with anyone else without the individual’s prior authority or knowledge. We will ask attendees to complete a feedback form telling us of their experience but this can be completed anonymously.

Do individuals need to prepare anything for the session?

That’s entirely up to the attendee. There is a place on the booking form to note down any topics of interest they’d like to cover but completing this is not essential. Better with Money will be able to chat through any money worries or questions the individual has on the day.

Will financial advice be given?

No, these sessions provide guidance only, not advice. The coach will listen to the financial circumstances of the individual and help them make an actionable plan to achieve their money goals.

The coach will never recommend a specific company’s financial product or specific investments … that’s financial advice. Neither will they provide any tax advice.

If one of our coaches signposts a website or company, it’s because they genuinely believe they have useful services or information that can help the individual to achieve their money goals. Better with Money does not receive any financial incentives from any other company to mention their services which means the coaching is totally unbiased and based on the needs of your people.

Although our coaches have worked in financial services for many years and have achieved financial exams, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate the support our coaches offer as we do not provide advice.

How are sessions booked?

Better with Money will provide TEAMS booking links that you can send to your people so they can book a session at a time that suits them.

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What people say about us

Thank you so much for the help! It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders just being able to talk through my money situation with someone who completely understands finance.

It was a great opportunity to talk about a couple of questions which had been on my mind for quite some time but couldn’t make the spare time to talk about or seek advice on. I appreciate very much that my company has provided this benefit.

It was a really enjoyable session. My coach eased my concerns and gave me practical and simple guidance that was easy to digest

Talking to a woman was really nice and something I haven’t experienced when discussing finances previously.  I felt more relaxed and was able to relate in a different way

This is an amazing service and I will be promoting the 1-2-1s to my friends and peers at work

My coach was really helpful and made what could be a difficult topic really interesting and non-intimidating

I found the session extremely useful and very grateful for the help, thanks!