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Festive Finances

Fixing your festive finances

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but the first Christmas advert appeared on TV this year on, wait for it, 1 October! Whilst pumpkins for Halloween were still growing in the field, and some people were putting on an extra jumper to avoid switching on their central heating for the first time, one national retailer was encouraging people to start Christmas shopping, a whopping 85 days before the big day!

At Better With Money we are all for being prepared, especially at Christmas. However, with research by comparison site Finder showing that more than half of us put our Christmas spending on credit cards, and that almost a quarter of us take out a loan to cover the cost of Christmas, the big issue seems to be less about “when will I do my Christmas shopping” and more about “how will I pay for it?”.

Of course, it could be argued that by starting your Christmas shopping earlier you can spread the cost. That is true. But even if you start your Christmas shopping in the New Year sales, there will still be things you’ll want, and need, to buy closer to the time. Plus, if Uncle Jim’s new jumper doesn’t fit him, even the most carefully preserved ‘gift receipt’ won’t let him change it for a bigger size if you buy it too far in advance!

At Better With Money we think there are far better ways to ensure Christmas doesn’t make your debts swell as much as your waistband. That is why we have developed a webinar called “Fixing Your Festive Finances”. Aimed at helping employees avoid the financial stress that Christmas can bring, it provides information and advice in a fun, interesting and accessible way and includes advice on how to set a Christmas Budget, ways to save money on food, gifts and travel and where you can find Christmas magic that is absolutely free.

As the old saying goes, Christmas Comes But Once A Year. With Better With Money’s help, your employees can have a memorable Christmas for all the right reasons, and not because they are still paying for it when the shops start selling Easter Eggs – although that could be in January, if some retailers have their way!

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please contact us.