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Piggy Bank And Trainers

Get Financially Fit For The New Year Ahead

Let’s be honest, January is many people’s least favourite month of the year. Following all the fun, sparkle, and merriment of December, along it comes like some sort of party pooper; all sullen and joyless, as if to say: “Ok, you’ve had your fun, now back to reality!”. And if, like most UK households, you have over-spent across the Christmas period, it can seem really long, as you count the days and watch the pennies until payday eventually comes into view.

But at Better With Money, we think January gets a bit of a rough time. After all, it does herald the start of a new year full of opportunity and promise. Sure, our diaries (and bank accounts) are a lot emptier than in December, but as the new year unfolds before us, having extra time to spend on ourselves can be good, especially if we want to achieve new things or make life changes over the year ahead.

It’s obviously no coincidence that events and challenges such as Dry January (abstaining from alcohol), and Veganuary (adopting a plant-based diet), take place during January, as people are clearly looking for ways to live their ‘best life’. It should also be no surprise that January is the busiest month for new members at gyms and weight loss classes, as people look to become healthier, or perhaps lose those extra pounds that sometimes creep up on us over the festive period! And so, whether it is losing weight, becoming more active, leading a healthier lifestyle, achieving a better work-life balance, or the whole raft of other things people choose to change or improve, January is the month when people take a step back and say to themselves: “You know what, this year is going to be the year that…”.

Better With Money thinks that something important is often overlooked in January though. Sure, pull on your training shoes, choose different foods, wipe the slate clean and reinvent yourself for the year ahead. However, with financial stress being the biggest cause of absence in the workplace, we think it is also the perfect time to help employees tap into that ‘new year motivation’ to help them improve their financial health.

That is why Better With Money has developed a webinar called “Kickstarting Your Finances” which aims to help employees get financially fit for the year ahead. With webinars structured in a fun, interesting and accessible way, Better With Money provides practical information and advice on how employees can detox their spending, reduce the weight of debt, change their relationship with money and save pounds, rather than lose them.

Like going to the gym, or eating healthily, becoming Better With Money can have real long-term benefits, and lycra and lentils are purely optional.

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please get in touch.