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Give your teaching staff an awareness of financial fraud

Your staff have lots going on and often complex roles to fulfil, every day, and having an awareness of financial fraud is probably not always top of their list. However, more and more workers are being targeted through a range of fraudulent scams that you can help them be more aware of.

What kind of scams might they be susceptible to?

It’s easy for busy staff to open an email from the finance team containing an invoice to pay whilst multi-tasking, and not check if the invoice is genuine. Hours later your money is winging its way offshore. Similarly, sophisticated email hacks asking your employees to send information about their own or organisational financial details can seem to be from a colleague or friend, but staff can’t always tell and then have to spend precious time trying to resolve the problem.

Phone scams asking for passwords can easily catch staff out and then suddenly, hey presto! Account hacked, money moved. It’s a big headache and this can lead to an unhappy worried employee, which isn’t great for productivity, morale or the organisation.

How do you help your staff?

So, what can you do to support your staff to learn about the importance of being aware of personal fraud? How can you help them minimise the likelihood of them or you, being victims?

Get in touch with us today to find out more about the range of information and workshops we can provide to help. We have designed a great new course specifically for staff to give them a greater awareness of fraud, which we can deliver for you face to face or in a web-based format if this is easier for your staff. You can train people together, or separately, which makes it easy to tailor the course to your needs.

The course will give them an insight into the types of financial fraud they might be vulnerable to and give them information about how to spot these frauds and avoid them in the future.