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Fitbit for money

Do you keep pace with modern living using a Fitbit? Are you monitoring your financial health with the same attention to detail?

Wearable technology is fast becoming part of everyday life – and many people don’t hesitate to invest in the latest gadgets and gizmos.

Just look at how quickly the Fitbit phenomenon happened! Now people of all ages and levels of fitness are comparing notes on how many steps they do each day. And of course you can see how many calories you burn. Heck, the blossoming connectivity of the Internet of Things means before long FitBits will be keeping medical professionals informed of our health.

Well why not? After all, health really matters right? So it’s important to have regular health checks, and use all the products on the market to monitor our wellbeing.

Financial health matters too

Yet there is something else that underpins our sense of wellbeing that is often overlooked in the drive to be fitter, leaner and able to live well for longer.

Our financial health.

This aspect of our lives is too often left to chance. Or, it’s rather unpleasant to think about so we ignore it. It might not be something you discuss so readily in the pub of coffee shop, but checking your monetary status is common sense.

You need a “Fitbit” for financial health. Ways of regularly monitoring and measuring to make sure you are on track and everything is where it should be.

Credit checking

One of the most important ways to measure how well your financial outlook is coping with modern day pressures is by carrying out regular credit checks.

This ensures all is well for if you should ever need a loan or some other line of credit in the future. There are occasions when recruiters will ask your permission to check your credit rating too – as for some it’s a litmus test for your ability to manage money (and life) effectively.

Having regular information about your credit score – the Fitbit of financial health – is just the starting point. You can then develop a ‘workout’ programme – methods and tips to improve the health of your credit score.

Unlike gadgets, regular financial health checks never go out of fashion or ‘get old’.