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Helping Employees When They Separate or Divorce

A sad side effect of the pandemic is that the number of couples separating, or divorcing has steadily increased over the past 18 months. One UK law firm, LCF Law, recently reported that it had seen divorce instructions increase by around 30% since the pandemic began, with Citizens Advice also seeing a dramatic increase in visits to the divorce section of its website.

It has, undoubtedly, been a stressful period for everyone. Family life and routines have been thrown into chaos. Home working, lockdowns and restrictions have meant that couples have spent more time in each other’s company than they were previously used to. There has been increased financial pressure and uncertainty, and the simple fact is that living through such a situation has put even the most solid of relationships under additional pressure at times.

For some, the pandemic will have proved to be the catalyst for a break-up that was already a possibility. For others though, the decision to separate or divorce will be because the pandemic made them reassess what is important to them. In the same way that people have decided they wanted a more rural way of life, or that they no longer wanted to commute to work every day, there are some who have looked at their relationships and decided that they want something different.

Whatever the reasons, separation and divorce are two of the most stressful life events you may have to endure. With money troubles frequently listed as the most common reason for divorce, and financial stress recognised as the biggest cause of absence in the workplace, the impact on a business when an employee goes through separation or divorce can be considerable. That is why Better With Money has developed a webinar called Managing Money on Divorce and Separation which aims to provide employees with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate this difficult time more easily.

Better With Money’s webinar provides education and information including the basics of divorce, understanding how separation or divorce can impact your finances, and the implications and options available to a couple when it comes to dealing with property, mortgages, and pensions.

At Better With Money, we are not experts in affairs of the heart, but by providing financial education in the workplace we hope that anyone going through separation or divorce is better equipped to navigate this stressful time more easily and can soon look forward to a happier future.

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please get in touch.