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How to help support your employees through financial learning courses

The topic of finances is personal and help may not always be well received. It can be difficult to ensure you are successfully helping your employees stay on top of their personal finances. Many employees may not wish to discuss their financial difficulties with you and others may not realise they are experiencing difficulties in the first place. The best way to approach a personal subject such as finances may be to offer an optional attendance course on finances. At Better With Money, we offer professional courses and focused modules for employees in commercial organisations and businesses alike.

Core Money Course

Our Core Money Course is the perfect standalone course to offer your employees training with their personal finances. The aim of the course is to provide employees with knowledge to help them plan and gain control over their personal finances, ensuring they are ‘Better With Money’.

The course helps to equip employees with the understanding they need to protect them from financial emergencies reducing their overall financial stress. A 2016 study shows that financial stress is accountable for the loss of 17.5 million working hours within the UK. A staggering 70% admitted they waste around a fifth of their work day worrying about personal finances.

Focused Module Courses

In addition to the Core Money Course or as individual workshops, our Focused Module Courses can help to alleviate employees of specific financial worries. Whilst most HR teams offer employees support with retirement planning, most do not provide guidance with general personal finance, credit scoring or financial literacy training. A study carried out in 2015 found that around 40% of employees under the age of 25 wanted their employer to provide financial training. Employees want support dealing with financial issues that they are currently experiencing, such as family finances.

We offer bite-size training and support on various personal finance topics including families, starting out right, graduate and apprentice finances, pensions, debt recovery, home buying and general financial well-being.

To find out more about how we can help provide personal financial education to your staff, contact us today.