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How to help your employees get better with their finances

When it comes to personal finance, sometimes it doesn’t always go the way we want. As research by Royal London found in 2016, a third of people aged 35 to 44 are left struggling to deal with their day-to-day expenses as a result of squeezed family finances.

On top of this, planning for retirement and saving was at the bottom of most people’s set of priorities. There are ways, though, that your employees can get better with finance. It doesn’t have to be as hard and stressful as it may currently seem. Directing them to this set of three top tips will be the start of helping them forwards…

Make use of free resources available online

Part of dealing with your money better is about getting organised and being on top of what you’re spending. It is important to know what your incomings and outgoings are. You need to be able to keep track of everything throughout the month. Take advantage of free online resources and download our Budget Planner to create a detailed and organised breakdown of your finances.

For a long-term plan, you can also make use of our Yearly Budget Planner. It may feel daunting thinking so far ahead but it will give you much better perspective and overview. It may also help everything feel more manageable and create a positive feeling that everything will be okay once you’ve had time to save more money and work on your spending.

Save money with your food spends

When you actually start to keep track of your food shopping spends, you’ll find it scary how much it all adds up to. Chances are high it’ll be one of your biggest outgoings each month (after rent or your mortgage). In the same way as you have started keeping track of your spending with our Budget Planners, it is also important to start using a Weekly Food Planner.

In making a clear strategy or menu each week for what you will be eating, it will save you wasting money on excess food that ends up in the bin, will curb your eating out habits when you haven’t planned for enough to be in the fridge, will ensure you focus on buying cheap and seasonal ingredients, and will help to stop expensive last-minute splurges.

Take a Core Money course

If you don’t know where to start and debt has got a serious handle on you… or you just want to get a better grip of your finances and start planning for the future, taking a tailored Core Money course will help you to recognise where you’re at, set objectives, create an action plan with key points and will enable you to takeaway plenty of tips and advice that will stand you in good stead. To find out more about these, contact us today for more information.