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It’s time to start making huge savings on your UK rail travel – and here’s how

Don’t we all just love the UK’s public transport system? Trains are 100% reliable, always arrive on time and always seek to save you money by offering exclusive discounts and perks. Oh wait, it looks as if we’ve missed our stop, let’s head back to reality.

The real situation

In truth, those of us who regularly rely on UK trains to get to work, for business trips, or just for brief vacations away are often left waiting in the cold on the platform cursing the rail provider for having charged us way too much for an unreliable service. Trains are encouraged as a faster, more environmentally friendly and more efficient mode of transport, but those benefits are hard to realise when we feel overcharged. There has to be a better solution.

The answer to our prayers – split-ticketing

In 2010, a service called Raileasy launched as a means to provide commuters and day trippers alike with a much more affordable service and help give them the value they deserve. Over the space of the coming years, the service has rapidly grown from around 30 users a day to thousands. This massive surge in users is due to their average saving of 27% for 70% of searches made on their site. The way it works is you simply enter your starting station and destination on their site and are then presented with the split-ticketing method of purchasing your tickets. This means that instead of paying for one ticket from A to B, you pay for 2 which, when combined, works out cheaper than the single ticket.

What’s the catch?

There genuinely is no catch as this method is 100% legal and in no way slows down or affects your intended journey. As a better example, imagine you are heading from Ascot to Bath, with a typical cost of £55 and one change at Reading. Instead, Raileasy provides you with 2 tickets, one from Ascot to Reading and one from Reading to Bath, for a total cost of £30.80. You still make exactly the same change in Reading and are able to use the same scheduled trains at the same time of the day. The only difference is you would hold 2 tickets for each leg of the journey instead of 1. In return, you make a saving of £24.70, so 44%.

On top of this, there are no ticketing fees and tickets can be dispatched in the same way, either by posting them to your home or by collecting them at the station. We have decided to team up with Raileasy to offer a convenient way for you to access these exclusive savings; just visit This system has already helped thousands of UK citizens make huge savings on their daily travel, and we believe it’s time that all Better With Money members start doing exactly the same.