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Managing back to school costs

The summer holidays are a well-deserved break for teachers and pupils and a chance for you, as parents, to spend more time with your children. It’s easy to feel as though the long summer holidays will give you plenty of time to financially prepare but the next school year will soon fly in. Planning ahead will help you and your family cover the costs of going back to school, without impacting the quality time you want to share throughout the summer. Below we’ve listed some great ideas to help you manage the costs of heading back to school.

Uniform costs

One of the most expensive costs, when your children return to school, is their uniform, which often includes a PE kit. Consider looking in charity shops, or using handed down uniforms from older siblings or cousins – your kids will wear out their uniforms quickly, or outgrow them, so there’s no need to invest in a whole new outfit each term.

School trips

Another cost associated with heading back to school is the school trips that crop up through the year. Often, at the start of a new school year, you will be presented with up and coming plans for out of school visits, which should give you time ahead to put aside money to cover the cost. If you’re not given this information up front, always feel free to ask the teaching staff for advanced warning.

School lunches

You want to ensure that your children are eating a nutritious lunch to help them through their busy school days. Whether you send them with a packed lunch or sign up for school dinners, you will need to consider the cost impacts on your household expenditure. Work out which choice financially and time-wise will suit you best so that you know you have managed your finances effectively to cover the costs.

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