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Amazon Case Study

Amazon Families UK commissioned Better with Money events to help their people confidently face financial challenges presented by the cost-of-living crisis.


What did Better with Money do?

Better with Money trainers helped staff understand how they could make small changes to their finances and save money to help cover their increasing bills.

Employees accessed 3 webinars:

  • Managing the Cost-Of-Living
  • Protecting My Family Financially
  • How to Teach Kids About Money

The Outcome

739 attendees signed up across the series of 3 webinars, with 332 attending the live broadcast and 504 accessing the recordings.

Managing the cost-of-living webinar was the most popular topic, with employees valuing real life cases and tips to reduce spend and budget.

97% of employees agreed the event was a valuable use of their time with 95% saying they knew more about managing the cost-of-living as a result.

Protecting my family financially was equally well-received, with respondents finding the making a will section most beneficial and 90% stating that they now know more about protecting their family financially.

100% of employees on the How to Teach Kids About Money webinar said they now knew more about how to teach their kids about money and savings.

Providing independent money guidance is just one of the ways we can support our employees with their wellbeing and show them they’re valued. Thank you to Better with Money for the great collaboration and engaging sessions.
Cath Possamai, EMEA TA Director, Amazon

What employees said

There are always things to learn that can help, regardless of how well you feel you’re prepared.

It’s been a great presentation, which has been very timely and relevant.

Great advice on how to improve your money mindset.

Teach kids early to manage a regular/steady income for a lifetime of good money habits.

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