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Royal Society of Chemistry Case Study

The Chemists’ Community Fund is the organisation that supports members of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists. The Fund was set up to alleviate and prevent poverty and provides access to impartial guidance and assistance for RSC members suffering financial hardship. It is one of a number of professional membership bodies we work with.

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What did Better with Money do?

Recognising that financial stress can be the biggest cause of mental health issues and workplace absence, The Chemists’ Community Fund chose to partner with Better with Money to provide financial education webinars to help their members understand personal finance and reduce money stress.

Their aim was to support members at all stages of their careers to help with the financial challenges they face.

“We work with Better with Money to provide financial education workshops for our members. We have been really impressed with their organisation, the content delivered and the friendly, informative presentation style. The feedback from our members has been very positive and we have more of these events planned for the future”

Anna Dearden - Chemist Community Fund Manager

Tailoring the Webinars to Their Needs?

The following webinar topics were selected for their members:

  • Starting Out Right
  • Redundancy Support
  • Helping with Debt
  • Retirement in Sight
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Resources Available to Members

All members who register for the webinar receive a recording of the event within 24 hours of the live session and have access to resources such as budget planners, savings and pension calculators and a money health check for download at the Better with Money Website.

The Outcome

During 2021, Better with Money ran seven webinars which received around 800 registrations. 44% attended the live stream, with 44% also watching the recording. A great level of engagement from members.

95.6% of attendees said they enjoyed the webinars and attendees rated the usefulness of the webinars as 4.33 out of 5.

What Employees Said

Worth every penny of my RSC membership.

Really informative and delivered in such a relaxed way. This has now given me the confidence to look into the next stage of my life that I lacked before – thank you so much!

I started the webinar uncertain about retirement and now am excited to plan for it

Clear, no-nonsense presentation on money management aimed at students – even better than I expected.

Very useful and valuable information given in a clear and concise way

Really valuable session. Time well spent!

Superb, please more webinars like this

Very good presentation with an engaging, natural and practical style of presentation across a diverse range of topics taking into account some sensitive areas of life.

Really good course, well presented. Certainly gave food for thought on the what to expect post retirement. I had never given any thought that there might be more stages to retirement than just the euphoria of escaping having to work!

Very good and enjoyable session. It’s good to take time out of our normal day to day activities to think about where we want to go. This definitely helped with that.

Very useful and valuable information given in a clear and concise way, a great way to get me thinking seriously about how to accelerate my retirement planning.

Company Feedback

Feedback across the membership has been incredibly positive and further webinars are being rolled out for 2022.

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