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Preparing Your Child For University

You can probably remember your child’s first day at school as if it were yesterday. Their new school uniform which they’d one day grow into. A new school bag which was almost as big as they were. Taking a photograph of them nervously grinning to send to their grandparents, and then a few tears at the school gate before you sent them off to start more than a decade of education.

As parents, we do our best to prepare our children for school. We make sure they have what they need, and we try to make them excited about the prospect of learning and making new friends. If we get it right, there’s every chance that the following morning they want to go to school again!

So, when the little one who clung so tightly to your hand all those years ago grows up and nears the end of their school years, it is only natural that you want to help them as they start on the next exciting chapter of their lives. But, if, like more than 50% of school leavers in the UK each year they decide that their next chapter will involve going to University, it’s likely that your first thought might be “how on earth are we going to afford this?”. If you consider that average tuition fees in England are around £9,250 per year, plus there is the cost of putting a roof over their head, food on their table, textbooks on their desk and all the other things that a student needs to buy, or wants to do, going to University is a clearly a considerable financial commitment!

And then there are the practical considerations. Even when your child has decided on the University they want to attend and the course they want to study, how will they actually survive? After all, they often struggle to put washing in the laundry basket and their idea of food shopping tends to be limited to anything that can be ordered on an App and delivered on a moped within an hour!

Well, fear not! In the same way that you helped prepare your brave little five-year-old for school all those years ago, Better With Money has developed a webinar to help as University looms large. Called “Preparing Your Child For Uni”, it is aimed at employees with children planning to go to University in the next few years and provides a fun and informative way for parents to financially prepare themselves, and their children, for life as a student.

Providing information and advice on vital areas such as student finance, accommodation, budgeting, and student bank accounts, plus also drawing on personal experience, Better With Money shares some money saving tips for students and highlights a few things which often get overlooked.

Unlike when they started school, your child probably won’t want you waving from the gate on their first day at University. However, with Better With Money’s help you can, at least, know that they will be financially prepared, and have clothes they won’t need to grow into!

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides please contact us.