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Race for Life

How many employees at your company have signed up to do the Race for Life or some other event helping to fundraise for charities fighting cancer? It’s likely to be a not-insignificant number; cancer is a terrible illness which has impacted on many lives.

What your employees might be less likely to talk about is the chilling statistic that around one in three people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

It’s scary to think about, because it means our chances of getting it are so high, but because it’s a tricky topic to discuss, many of us are likely to sweep it under the rug and forget about it. That’s despite the fact that there are easy steps we can all take to lower our chances of getting cancer, such as taking exercise, not smoking and drinking in moderation.

The same applies to people and finances; many of your employees will find themselves in financial dire straits over the course of their lifetime, but it’s a scary topic that we all tend to shy away from. Just as we need to talk more about cancer and how we can prevent it, we also need to talk more about personal finance, and the steps we can take to protect ourselves from financial problems.

It’s also important to talk about ‘what if…’ scenarios so that people are best equipped to deal with health and finance problems when they arise and have solutions already in mind. Financial worries can be something that keeps you awake at night, but with good forward planning and communication, that burden can be eased.

Employees with financial worries are more likely to suffer from mental and physical health problems which can stop them from working productively. Here at Better With Money, we offer workshops to improve the financial literacy of your workforce and help to keep them at their most productive.

We can cater to people of all incomes and in a diverse range of situations with our portfolio of classes, and we won’t try to sell you or your employees a product – our goal is simply to help everyone become better with money.