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Retirement In Sight

Retirement in Sight

Ah, retirement. The golden years. Time to finally sit back, relax, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. But before you start counting your chickens (or your retirement savings), it’s important to ask yourself some important questions. Namely: when do you want to retire? What will retirement look like for you? And how much will it cost?

First things first: when do you want to retire? Do you want to retire early and spend your days pottering around the house, tending your garden and generally watching the world go by? Or are you planning to work until you’re well into your seventies, because you love what you do and the people you work with? (We’re not here to judge). Whatever you have in mind, knowing when you want to retire is the first step in planning for it.

But then you need consider what retirement will look like for you. Will you finally travel the world, write that novel you’ve always dreamed of, or take up those hobbies you have never quite had time for? Will you move house or stay put? Will you spend your days volunteering, or will you simply enjoy the peace and quiet and a well-earned rest? Retirement looks different for everyone and there is no “one size fits all”. However, what you want your retirement to look like will have a huge impact on the next and, possibly, most important factor; what will it cost?

You need to consider that you’ll no longer have your salary landing in your bank account each month and that you will need to pay all your bills, and for all the hobbies, travel plans, dreams and ambitions you want to fulfil when you finally have time on your hands from your private pension, state pension and savings.

So, working out when you want to retire, what your retirement will look like and how you will fund it are all things you need to consider in advance if you want the reality of your retirement to look anything like your dream. And because you could be retired for, hopefully, three decades, the plans and decisions you make need to stand the test of time. Especially as none of us can actually see into the future.

Fortunately, Better with Money has developed a webinar to help navigate this important transition in life which is specifically aimed at employees looking to retire in the next five to ten years. Retirement In Sight, brings retirement to life in an accessible and interesting way, and provides useful tips, guidance, and resources to help people understand and plan for a future that will work for them and allow them to get the most out the next stage of life.

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please get in touch.