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Starting Out Right

Starting work for the first time is one of life’s landmark moments. After, perhaps, two decades of education, a young person applies for a job and successfully navigates a recruitment process. They’ll receive a job offer and, with a “start date” in their diary, begin to ready themselves for a new and exciting chapter of their life.

As their “start date” approaches, the prospect of starting work can be a little daunting for many. After all, starting a “proper job” is hugely different to being a student with part time and holiday jobs to earn some extra cash. Also, whilst schools and universities are great at helping students get the qualifications’ they need to get a job, the rollercoaster of feelings and the real life practical aspects of starting a job are not something you can really learn in a classroom.

Of course, nowadays most employers do have “on boarding” processes and training schemes for new recruits. The first few weeks or months of these can help a new employee learn their role, settle in, make new friends, and understand the way the organisation works. When it comes to someone starting work for the first time, this process can also help them make the transition from student to employee.

However, the move from education into work brings changes and challenges that most company training manuals don’t necessarily cover. Sometimes, these challenges and changes are professional in nature, which an employer can help overcome. Sometimes though, the challenges and changes relate to things outside of work, with finances high on that list. Whilst earning a salary for the first time can be incredibly liberating, increased financial independence often comes with added financial responsibility. As a result, some people can find making a salary last until their next pay day a huge challenge for some!

Fortunately, at Better With Money we have developed a webinar specifically aimed at those starting out on their careers. It’s called “Starting Out Right” and is designed to provide new employees with the knowledge and tools they need to learn how to manage their finances as they start their careers. At Better With Money we provide financial education in the workplace which is both interesting and accessible and includes practical tips and impartial advice on topics such as “How to Budget” and “Understanding Your Payslip,” whilst helping new employees ensure their salaries stretch further both now and in the future.

Starting work for the first time is an important and significant point in a young person’s life. At Better With Money we help ensure that new employees start their careers in the right way and put in place a good foundation for the rest of their career.

If you would like to find out more about the courses Better with Money provides, please contact us.