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Financial Awareness
for High Earners

High earners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to financial planning. With those in the higher rate and additional rate tax bands facing significant tax on both income and capital gains, high earners can potentially face large tax liabilities from their investments too.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways that high-income individuals in the UK can grow their wealth tax-efficiently. This course is designed to provide information and tips that could help high earners reduce their investment-related tax liabilities significantly.

Topics include:

  • The No-brainer Investments – Pensions & ISAs
  • Venture Capital Schemes
  • Business Property Relief
  • Inheritance Tax Planning

How do employers benefit?

This practical, fun and engaging course will not only help parents teach their kids about money; it will also help parents themselves learn more about money too.

Employers have found this course particularly relevant as part of supporting mental health wellness and, diversity and inclusion initiatives aimed at supporting different employee groups within their organisation. For example, soon to be parents, existing parents, guardians and grandparents have found this course invaluable.

Employees appreciate an employer who looks out for the mental health and financial wellness of their family.

What have people said?

It was extremely informative and presented in simple terms for everyone to understand, thank you.

The structure of the webinar made it very easy to follow and the content was particularly useful to help me plan for the future financially.



Launched in 2009, Cervello has been helping clients to achieve financial clarity and achieve their goals. We have been recognised in a number of awards including local chambers of commerce, Unbiased, Financial Adviser magazine and The Federation of Small Business.

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    Providing easily-understood information to help everyone ‘move forwards’ with their finances. The session is designed to be fun and interactive, and attendees will receive planners to take away to help them become ‘better with money’.