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Why do your employees come to work?

Money. Money to live. Money to pay bills. Money to have fun. Money for non-fun things like MOT’s for cars. Money for children. Money for getting to work. I know, I know, you come to work for the culture, the engagement and the sheer love of your boss.  You have friends here. But seriously, if you didn’t have to earn money would you come here every day? Maybe? Maybe you would be part-time…or maybe you know that you and your co-workers fantasise daily about winning the lottery so you can politely tell someone where to put their reports/widgets/deadlines. 

We work with some fantastic employers who are doing all they can to engage their employees. This work is founded on the principle that you might actually have some employees who don’t come to work for the sheer love of it. Or for the banter, or even for the love of their boss. These people do it for money.  Cold hard cash. Or at least an electronic payslip.  What happens if you pay them and it goes into a big (or small) black hole where their last pay check and bills went? Each month they become more unhappy and more overdrawn/in debt/confused. What can you do to help?  You must act. 

This isn’t about a pay rise, wealth advice, pensions or flexible benefits (although obviously they all play a part). This is about helping your people to put in place simple new year plans. About committing to help them in terms of financial planning and goals and helping them to work out how they can go up a step. Not becoming rich overnight. No promises of get rich quick schemes.  Just old-fashioned support (with some apps and handouts thrown in). If you want a chat about what we do get in touch. If we feel we cannot help you, or think someone else is better placed to help we will point you in the right direction. There is so much activity in this space it can be confusing.