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Saving For Christmas

Yes – Christmas is coming

I know you are still hoping for a few late summer barbecue’s and anyone who mentions the C-word will get a dead stare but I am going to run the risk.

Christmas comes the same time every year. Shocking isn’t it? I have a friend who loves dressing up as an elf to help Santa at the school fayre and truly enjoys every second of Christmas. Is that you? Do your co-workers love Christmas? Or is the idea of it wonderful but the pressure of the amount of money you need to spend horrible?

Several employers have asked us to run “something to help people at Christmas”. After a bit of probing about what they are actually looking for it seems they are recognising the gloom that overspending brings in January.   This gloom can be caused by financial stress which, in turn, breeds relationship stress and can increase absence, staff turnover and reduce engagement and therefore productivity. So much like having a flu-jab in the winter as a preparation against winter flu what about having a financial plan to save you from winter money stress?

Its not too late to plan for this year and with some key tips and actions Christmas will be wonderful but we would also suggest you start planning for NEXT Christmas. A small amount of saving makes you feel so much happier and relaxed. It means you can have the ready cash for those black Friday discounts or blue cross sales. It means not a terrible credit card bill in the first weeks of January, which might mean we smile a little more in cold, perhaps as much as we do at our summer barbecue’s. Contact us if you think our webinar or workshop on Managing Money at Christmas could help your people maintain their spark in the new year.